About Our Firm

Cause and Effect Worldwide is one of the nation’s leading cause-marketing firms spearheading projects for more than 600 clients. Clients include architects, engineers, contractors, product manufacturers and corporate brands. Our clients, including many Fortune 500 companies, have entrusted their brand with our team for more than 15 years. Our expertise includes full-service cause-marketing campaigns, business development, project management, social media and public relations.  Forming long-term sustainable partnerships is our top priority.

We utilize a proprietary public-private partnership platform called the Green Schoolhouse Series to align corporate America with achieving success across their triple bottom line of people, planet and profits.   We educate corporate America, nonprofit organizations and government entities that their community outreach efforts can positively impact underserved communities and simultaneously provide a dramatic return on investment for their contributions.

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Our Signature Project


The Green Schoolhouse Series is a collaboration of more than 200 companies, nonprofits, and organizations to design and build highly sustainable schools with donated products and volunteer labor, then donate them to under-served public school districts throughout the nation.

Through a strategic partnership with Brighten-A-Life, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, Cause and Effect Worldwide manages a compelling community outreach model that positively impacts children, families & teachers; develops communities, schools & healthy environments; and provides support for sustainability, teen mentoring and development.

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